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Dan DeMers Karanjot Jaswal CEO & Co-Founder CTO & Co-Founder

The past reveals the future of data ? The power grid eliminated the need for The data equivalent will eliminate the need buildings to generate their own power for applications to manage their own data

Hyped-up data strategies deliver limited ROI as they don’t change how apps manage data.

Traditional approaches are like solving 1 side of a Rubik’s Cube

Hardware Dataware Software “Data will acquire equal status when we begin speaking of Hardware, Software, and Dataware.” Gordon C. Everest, 1986

Dataware is a collaborative data layer used whenever you build and integrate software.

Cut IT build effort in half Use Dataware when building apps to avoid having to build data platform capabilities within every application. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Traditional Approach Dataware + Pro-Code Dataware + Low-Code UI API UI API Low-Code for User Interfaces Business Logic Business Logic Control Logic Data Abstraction Dataware Dataware Persistence Cross-Application Cross-Application Persistence (ACID) Persistence (ACID) and Data Controls and Data Controls API/ETL Integration

Eliminate the integration tax Use Dataware to enable copyless and effortless data sharing across apps using ‘last-copy’ integration for existing apps and ‘zero-copy’ integration for new apps. Existing New Existing New App App App App Existing New App Existing New App Existing New App vs. Existing New App Dataware Existing New App Existing New App Existing New Existing New App App App App 5 new silos + 35 new integrations 0new silos + 5 new integrations

[ Provides services to 250+ credit unions serving 5 million members ] 3 Days 90 Days 120 Days 5 Days 60 Days Next Loan Reporting Replace 60+ Collaborative COVID-Relief as-a Securitization as-a Digital Bank Automation Critical EUCs Insights Hub service (80+ CUs) service” (30 CUs) as-a-service “Changing our mental model from app centric design to data centric and “Overall, Cinchy benefits both IT and business, where IT can reduce customer centric design is the shift we all need to make. With client experience, the effort required for Data Integration and the business can build a business processes, and data converging through digital operating models we closer relationship with the data it manages to become a more data- need to rethink how we can become more adaptable, less rigid and agile.” centric bank of the future.” Neal Oswald, COO and SVP Jamie Ledgerwood, Information Systems Architect “Our Risk, Residential Markets, IM and Operational “We needed a rapid implementation of a new digital customer experience that could securely manage Excellence teams collaborated to move away from and protect member data. The solution exceeded everyone’s expectations. The Cinchy platform lets us manual reporting toward fully automated risk and deliver an end-to-end COVID-19 relief solution, not just window dressing, We were surprised at how compliance monitoring and reporting.” quickly we were able to automate manual and legacy systems across our 35 credit union partners.” Cammy Ouellette, Senior Director Analytics Jim Vibert, Director of Business Transformation

[ 1.3+ Trillion AUM | 22M+ customers | 80K+ Employees ] 60 Days 90 Days 30 Days 120 Days 120 Days Next Ref & Org BoR Adjustments Critical EUC Branch Coaching Cross-Business Ops Data Data Master & Exec Reporting Replacement and Performance Lead Referrals Portal “We continue to build the bank of the future, we are always “The features are so vast, with continuous improvements and updates, which looking forward at new technologies like Cinchy that contribute makes it a leading application to use in any organisation. It integrates well into to operational efficiencies and help power new experiences.” other applications/systems, easy to embed into new and existing business process and overall best-in-class for collaboration.” Tim Clark, CIO, Business Segment Technology Anthony Afolabi, Senior Manager & Data Steward

Use Case: CRM Augmentation Optionally sync Legacy changes back to Systems Dataware is proven to legacy systems increase revenue and Clients Data Marketing / Operations Browser Self-serve data management save time and money New Client with ‘360-everything’ reporting Experience ● Increase conversions Application and reduce churn Build intelligent applications and ● Enable and automate experiences without each having to Dataware Sync data to/from existing apps with manage data separately (avoid silos) Cloud or On-Prem no-code config-driven connectors cross and up-selling and avoid point-to-point integration New Client ● Reduce SaaS usage Onboarding and licensing fees Application ● Improve onboarding Add new capabilities Enterprise Lake / Sync data to/from experience for clients and ‘360-intelligence’ Data Warehouse your existing data to existing applications lake / warehouse(s) ● Increase controls and Front-Line automate compliance Employees Quickly eliminate spreadsheets and automate critical business processes

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Customers use our Dataware platform to eliminate their integration tax and cut time-to-market in half 100+ organizations use Cinchy (ZERO churn) Industries Solution Patterns ● Banking & Insurance ● Health Care ● CRM Augmentation ● Master/Ref Data Management ● Construction ● Manufacturing ● ERP Augmentation ● Insights Collaboration ● Energy / Utilities / Telco ● Retail / eCommerce ● HRMS Augmentation ● LoB App Development ● Government ● Transportation / Logistics ● Legacy Modernization ● Replace Spreadsheets/EUCs

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