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B Corp that improves financial health by reducing student debt.We simplify the loan repayment process and maximize savings for all borrowers


Our Mission Summer is a certified B Corp that improves financial health by reducing student debt. We simplify the loan repayment process and maximize savings for all borrowers. 2

$2T Student debt by the numbers $1.5T 45 million borrowers, $1T 1.6 trillion in total debt $500B 2008 2013 2018 2023 3

20% of a borrower’s take-home pay is consumed by student loan payments Student debt has a 36% of borrowers have delayed domino effect on buying a home and a car borrowers’ finances 40% of borrowers are not contributing to a 401k plan 4

Complex Repayment Process Borrowers are leaving $300B in loan savings on the table 5

Summer optimizes student loan repayment for all borrowers 6

Customized recommendation in under 5 minutes 7

Side-by-side comparison to find the best plan 8

Summer prepares & submits loan apps, eliminating errors 9

Estimated Savings $ 14,680 10

Estimated Savings $ 11,165 Estimated Savings $ 5,000 11

Our results We’ve helped 25,000+ borrowers to date We’ve saved users an average of $300/month 12

How Summer partners with financial institutions Financial Wellness Customer Lifetime Value Default Mitigation Become the payment Enhance current financial Improved cash flow for new priority by helping your wellness efforts with a opportunities like customers cutting-edge benefit mortgage, auto, retirement Improved cash flow Become more central to Help customers over their mitigates customer your customers and credit limit and have low delinquency and default improve overall satisfaction checking account balances 13

Why now? Delinquencies are expected to spike. 1 in 4 American adults are currently unemployed and many more have experienced a decrease in income. October July August September Federal UI program ends at March UI recipients will stop Consumer delinquency $2400/month receiving state checks in begins to spike September & October Federal student loan ($1488/month on average) payments resume ($300/mo) Thanks to the Partnership Fund for NYC, we’ve seen many FIs that are looking to get ahead of the curve by using Summer to unlock cash flow for their customers to prevent delinquencies and default before it’s too late. 14

Want to learn more? Will Sealy Co-Founder & CEO E: [email protected] | C: 347-645-2150 Learn more at 15

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