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The World’s Most Advanced Reskilling Technology

The World’s Most Advanced Reskilling Technology JUNE 2020 -CONFIDENTIAL

The Largest Shift in the Global Workforce has Begun This time it will be skills - not credentials - driving it Workforces must rapidly pivot to the “new normal”. Companies & communities must rapidly reskill workforces. Traditional systems are ineffective.

Companies spend 1-3% of their total salary line on reskilling. Yet only 14% of that investment is successful at preparing your workforce for the future.

- The “Waze” of the Workforce SkyHiveis a SAAS technology that supports Global 2000 companies and governments in rapidly reskilling their workforces and labor markets.

Why is SkyHive Different/Better? CLASSICAL LABOR ANALYSIS QUANTUM LABOR ANALYSIS • Manual, expensive, time consuming • Most advanced real-time knowledge graph of process. jobs and skills in the world. • AI automates workforce analysis at a skills level to rapidly optimize workforce reskilling.

Why is SkyHive Valuable? 1. Exponentiallyreduces the cost of acquiring and developing talent. 2. High employee engagement (65% versus 14%) 3. Provides a unique and valuable layer of external and internal data and analytics. 4. Accurately forecasts emerging and future skills. 5. Seamlessly integrates with existing technologies and workflows.

Use Cases 1. Moving to the cloud. 2. Diversity and inclusion. 3. Workforce mobilization. “SkyHiveis truly game-changing. We are able to do in hours what used to take weeks”. - Obeikan Investment Group, Saudi Arabia

Team MANAGEMENT Sean Hinton, Founder & CEO - Experienced corporate CEO. - Recognized reskilling and AI thought leader. - Co-Chair of the Canadian American Business Council Entrepreneur’s Circle. ADVISORS - Member, Young President’s Organization (YPO). Esther Wojcicki Mohan Reddy, CTO - Associate Director of Technology, Human/Computer Chris Yeh, Co-Author of Blitzscaling Interaction, Stanford University - Co-Founder and CTO, Foghorn Roy Hessel, Founder, EyeBuyDirect - Past CTO, Zynga - Principal Architect, Travelocity Joe Vasquez, Network Leader, Village Global Sergey Bukharov, Chief Product Officer Rusty Rueff, Founding Board Member, - Past Board Member, British Columbia Institute of Glassdoor Technology - Director, New Entrepreneurs of BC.

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Traction •SkyHive experienced 10x growth in 2019 versus 2018. •SkyHive is forecasting 15x growth in 2020. •COVID-19 has drastically accelerated the company’s scale. SkyHive is currently raising its first institutional round of growth capital.

Sean Hinton Founder and CEO, SkyHive Technologies 10-107 333 Seymour Street Vancouver, BC CANADA V6B 5A6 +1 (604) 808-7348 SkyHive serves clients on four continents and has a US subsidiary.

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