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The API Infrastructure for Debt Repayment Rightfoot confidential. All rights reserved.

Student debt is a $1.7T crisis. 70% of college grads have student loans. Avg payment per mo: $393 Avg pay period: 20 years

Student debt disproportionately affects Black, female, and LGBT+ customers. Black borrowers: 2x more student debt Female borrowers: hold ⅔of all student debt LGBT+ borrowers: $16k more student debt

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Quickly and easily add debt payments into any application. Illustrative mock up

Our flexible infrastructure brings any use case to life. e e v v v i i i t t t a a a r r r t t t s s s u u u l l l Il Ile Il 1. BANKS & FINTECHS 2. EMPLOYER BENEFIT 3. ECOSYSTEM

We abstract outdated infrastructure built in the ‘70s. We have 99% coverage, of which 80%+ of volume is covered with direct integrations 3. INTEGRATE DIRECTLY Identify Contact LOAN SERVICER Process INTEGRATION Discovery Compliance Approvals Unique System Technical Requirements Integration Data Mapping Maintenance Refinement Payment Testing Automation Management

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Select angel investors A team of student debt + API experts. Backed by some of the biggest names in fintech William Hockey Co-Founder Plaid Dani Pensack Deirdre Clute Will Schmitt CEO, Co-Founder COO, Co-Founder Dir of Eng, Co-Founder Led API strategy across At PepsiCo, designed and EE/ME/Self-taught SWE IBM’s banking clients launched billion dollar designing Google products infrastructure Kevin Hartz Founder Xoom, Eventbrite Mike Vaughan Rightfoot confidential. All rights reserved. Former COO Venmo

Thank You Rightfoot confidential. All rights reserved.