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NYC Fintech Innovation Lab, June 2021 Introducing Delio - Transforming Private Markets

Private markets matter more than ever to a financial institutions’ client base Entrepreneurial No slowing down: Client experience Growing pressure minded investors year-on-year and revenue and challenges growth streams

Delio creates the technology and infrastructure that enables banks to unlock private markets for their clients Technology Connect Expertise Ventures

Platforms that scale: From origination and distribution... Client experience Distribution tools compliance and reporting Transaction workflows Analytics and data insights

Our vision for the future of private markets White-labelled A collaborative Targeted, Integrating non- platforms private markets controlled and Delio solutions ecosystem scalable

The end result Delio Platform Reporting data Dealflow rm Re Del w p o o da o f fl r i t l t t o a i la a n P g P De la io t f De o Del g r n a m i t l r a fl o t o p da w Re The Network Effect g n De i t r a o l p a fl t o Re w da Re w o p fl Th o al r da t i De ird n y t g Plat Part a Part f y ird rm o o rm Th f Plat

A large network of clients use Delio to open up private markets to their investors 90+ 1,150+ $37bn 108% financial institutions deals currently live of deals currently live growth in users in the using Delio technology across Delio platforms across Delio platforms last 12 months 18 30,000+ +85 countries where Delio finance professionals NPS score for client technology is deployed and investor users service (January 2021) We work with some of the world’s leading firms

The team and fundraising Gareth Lewis David Newman Gareth Morgan Sarah Clements David Bonner People across Chief Executive Chief Commercial Chief Operating Head of Delivery Head of 7 global Officer Officer Engineering locations $6m raised between 2015-2020 Raising $8-10m in Q3 2021

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