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INDUSTRY PAIN POINTS Manual Rigid legacy Slow product processes systems building

WHAT IS COVERGO CoverGo is the first fully configurable modular no-code insurance platform.

HOW WE HELP Build & launch Develop omni-channel Improve policy admin products faster distribution & claims management

UNIQUE API-APPROACH Travel Auto IoT Commercial Cyber Digital APIs Broker/ Property Agents Group & Individual Bank Fintech/ Health Insurtech

QUOTE-BIND-ISSUE FOR A LARGE US UNDERWRITER Commercial lines product configuration and API integrations Embedded 4 weeks 8 minutes Automated through our APIs co-creation vs 1 day to create quotes pricing & underwriting

END-TO-END PLATFORM FOR A LEADING HEALTH INSURER Individual and group health distribution, policy admin and claims system 3 months Online Automated configuration enrolment claims

STRONG TRACTION 30+ 500+ 30+ corporate clients product lines insurance plans

Fintech Innovation Lab, mentors and sponsors MANY THANKS

THANK YOU! [email protected]