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June 2020 [email protected] COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL June 2020

WHEN EMAIL IS THE PROTOCOL CUSTOMERS ENTERPRISE PARTNERS Send via email Read and understand data Export and Employee Enter data into apps format data retrieves email 2


ALKYMI IS BUILDING A BETTER PROTOCOL SENDER ENTERPRISE Data Automated Ops Relationship Inbox Data Control Management Extraction 44

SUPERCHARGE YOUR OPS WITH ALKYMI Subject Matter Expertise Emails and Clean data, documents process-ready Machine Learning Automation 5

APPLYING COMPUTER VISION TO DOCUMENTS 6 Title Text Box Paragraph Table Paragraph Paragraph Table Paragraph Text Box Paragraph 66

DATA WHERE ALKYMI UNLOCKS ROI Type of Data ROI Potential External Data Sent from third-parties in varying, difficult to understand formats. High-Impact Data Accelerates a business objective, but is trapped in emails and documents. High-Volume Data A high number of data targets, documents or emails Hard to Access Data Contained in hard to parse or exotic email and document formats. 7

USE CASES ACCELERATE CLIENT REAL-TIME TRADING DIRECTIVES ONBOARDING Client: Global Investment Client: Fortune 100 financial Manager services firm ROI Driver: Reduce time to ROI Driver:Instantly process process account rollovers client trading restrictions to mitigate compliance risk TRANSFORM REPORTING TRANSPARENCY FOR Client: Global Fund of Funds ALTERNATIVES DATA Client: SimCorp, Fintech Platform ROI Driver: improved client client reporting, double ROI Driver: Eliminate time- analyst productivity, reduce intensive data extraction to create errors by 50% a central repository of easily accessible ops data 88

TRACTION ● Selected by global firms - live in production ● Strategic partnership with SimCorp ● Seed financing with Canaan, Work-Bench, SimCorp Partners & Investors 99

EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP Harald Collet Adam Kleczewski Steven She CEO Chief Data Scientist CTO GM, Bloomberg LP Data Scientist, Sr. Software Engineer, Two Sigma. Scaled business to 1,000+ enterprises. 9 yrs hands-on machine learning experience Research Engineer, VP Sales, Autonomy Ph.D. Physics, Univ. of Washington Chief Architect, Canopy Labs. Product Manager, Oracle Corp. B.A., UC Berkeley Ph.D. Software Engineering, B.A., Yale University MA / B.S. Univ of Waterloo Patrick Vergara Alex Yankov Head of Product Lead Engineer VP Strategy & Research, Say Technologies Machine Learning Engineer, HyperScience. Associate, Fenwick & West LLP Software architect, Handy. Associate, Simpson Thacher Software Engineer, Cipher Capital & Goldman Sachs. JD, Stanford Law School B.S. Computer Science, Rutgers University MA / B.A., Yale University 1010

FINTECH LAB ● Powerful accelerant ● Use cases from 7 industry leaders ● Enterprise-readiness ● Game-changer –community & collaboration 1111

SEE DATA INBOX IN YOUR WORKFLOW Personalized Demo on Your Data 1212

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